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 Titan's Slayer tips

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PostSubject: Titan's Slayer tips   Thu Oct 07, 2010 3:47 pm

Titans Slayer tips

I made this thread so I can share a few tips and tricks of Slayer with you.

They'll just be bullet pointed, so theyre easy to read.

* Skip any tasks that you dont like, don't give enoughxp/money or you just don'y feel like doing.

* Try to keep about 100 points that you can use for emergency cancels

* When you have alot of points, you can buy Slayer Dart ruens for 35 points, worth about 100k per set. Remember to keep 100 though.

* Always use the highest slayer master you can once you're 70+ Slayer. You seriously DO gain the most xp or money per hour by using your highest master.

* Try and get a Slayer helmet at the first oppurtinuty you can. Also, don't un necesarily risk it like I did a few months ago >_< (GF ~3M)

* Once you haveenough money, spend money on Turmoil/ Overloads. These are worth it for various aspects of the game.

* Attempt for a Chaotic weapon. These are better xp/h and money/h then usual weapons,I recommend a Rapier or Longsword, but its up to you.

* Don't forget your teleport out.

* Remember your Slayer ring/Enchanted gem.


These are the only ones I've done so far, but I will update them regularly. Feel free to make suggestions which I will add into my guide at a later time Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Titan's Slayer tips   Wed Oct 13, 2010 1:42 pm

great guide Very Happy


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Titan's Slayer tips
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