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 <3 TrueLAD <3

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PostSubject: <3 TrueLAD <3   Thu Sep 30, 2010 12:44 pm


- So the new iPad is out, went to check it out in the store. Put on some (naughty word) on full screen and then left it to the elderly couple behind me. LAD.

- Bristol council banned runners from using their ipods on the half marathon for safety reasons, so me and the boys did the entire run carrying a boom box playing dubstep at full volume. ShowingBristolcounilthey'recompletetwatsLAD

- I walked into a pub to find my dad sitting at the bar with a full pint. I said, "Dad, isn't it yours and Mums anniversary today?" He swore, downed his pint and ran out. LAD.

- Was a dj in some club when two girls requested a justin beiber song, I looked at them in disgust and put the national anthem on instead. djLAD

- Bought a breathalyser so that me and the LADS can go for personal blood/alcohol bests every weekend. athleteLADS

- At a dinner dance at college, completely smashed on a mixture of gin and rose, went into the toilets for a sweet lemonade, heard someone in a cubicle so felt it necessary to ask 'who's having a crapola?' Turns out I was in the ladies. LAD.

- My dad just told me that before he rushed my mum to the hospital (to give birth to me) he made himself a bacon butty and made her wait, prioritiesLAD.
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PostSubject: Re: <3 TrueLAD <3   Thu Sep 30, 2010 2:13 pm

<3 lol!
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<3 TrueLAD <3
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