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 Posting Time of Events

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PostSubject: Posting Time of Events   Sat Aug 21, 2010 6:28 pm

I've noticed that some of these events do not have the time of the actual event posted on the thread.

This is just a reminder to always post what time your event is going to be at. That way everyone will know. Also, it gives the people that vote and such one less excuse for not showing up.

Just common sense really, post the time of event so everyone knows when it is going to take place during the day.

Thanks everyone!


Thread templates should be something close to the following:

Event title
Event General info
Event safety rating (very dangerous all the way down to no risk)
Event time & date (try to put as many of the main time zones as possible here to avoid confusion)

sticking to the template will make events easier to understand for everyone.
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Posting Time of Events
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