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 70 defense Guide to Slayer

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i mustbreaku
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PostSubject: 70 defense Guide to Slayer   Sun Aug 08, 2010 12:25 am

This is my way of training slayer at 70 defense/70 prayer.

I have 96 attack, 70 defense, and 99 strength so your set up might be different then mine depending on your levels.

Im going to show you guys the set ups i use for each task and the inventory for each one also.

Ill post the inventory of each task as i do them because i dont feel like taking pictures in a bank for an hour showing the armor and inventory .

For the inventory, it will get kind of repetetive due to me using the same armor for multiple tasks so im just going to put the names of the monsters that i use that armor next to each other.

Replace the Extreme potions with super sets if not 85+ herblore.

I almost always use unicorns on tasks due to it being cheaper the actual food and no delay in hits, which equals more exp in the long run. If not 88 summoning, you could use a titan or a bunyip. (Bring extra food if needed).

Now i know this may seem a bit tedious, but i always flash piety on all tasks that i melee. It Helps your exp per hour tremendously, and saves you quite a bit on prayer potions. It may take some getting used to but it's well worth it. (Unless your 95 Prayer which in that case you wont be needing this guide).

I usually re pot at around 116 strength so around every 9 levels.

I can finish most tasks that are 200+ in about an hour and a half max. those under 200 are usually finish when the first unicorn runs out.

I finish all tasks in 1 sitting unless i bank the items such as herbs from abberant spectres or wyvern bones from skeletal wyverns.


Desert Strykewyrms/Dust Devils/Dagganoths


Abyssal Demons/Hell Hounds/Blue Dragons


Inventory for Desert Strykewyrms


Inventory for Dust devils/Gargoyles/Abyssal Demons/Hell Hounds (Hammer for gargoyles and alch runes for dust devils)


Inventory for Dagganoths


*Note: My spec weapon i use is either a dragon dagger, dragon claws, or a saradomin godsword.



Skeletal Wyverns


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PostSubject: Re: 70 defense Guide to Slayer   Sun Aug 08, 2010 4:56 am

nice Very Happy
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70 defense Guide to Slayer
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