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 Kuradals dungeon +range update for gix

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PostSubject: Kuradals dungeon +range update for gix   Wed Feb 03, 2010 12:29 pm

Hey all! this is my first guide, in this guide i will show you All of kura's dungeon plus i will explain several methods for kura's dungeon.

1. What is kuradal's dungeon and who is kuradal?
2. How do i get in kuradal's dungeon?
3. The monster and drops in kuradal's dungeon
4. What to bring/methods on several tasks.

And ofcourse u guess it.... we start of with point number 1 =)

What is kuradal's dungeon, and who is kuradal?

Kuradal is a new slayer master, the sister of duradal.
She is the new slayer cape holder of the slayer master NPC's
She requires 75 slayer and 110 combat, and can give up to 250 monsters in a task.
Her dungeon is called Kuradal's dungeon. She has put alot of monsters in her dungeon for the real slayers to fight!

2. How do i get in kuradal's dungeon?

There are 3 ways to get into kuradals'dungeon.

The first one: The walking method
Requirments -- Barbarian firemaking training ( untill the pyremaking part with the bones )
A games necklace
And preferable a anti-dragonfire shield.

How to get there -- Use your games necklace to teleport to "barbarian outpost"
run South to the bridge like this:

Now click on the pool you should jump in it, now u will be standing in "The Ancient Cavern"
u will be standing right here
Follow the line to the stairs to kuradal
WARNING-- Use youre anti-dragonfire shield at the Brutal Green dragons,
and if you are low combat pray mage--WARNING
Now you will find yourself infront of kuradal Very Happy

The Second one is: The fairy ring method
Requirments -- Fairy tale part 2 completed (or do it until u have acces to the fairy rings)
Have atleast visited the ancient caverns once! and have repaired the fairy ring there!
NOTE -- To repair the fairy ring take 5 mushrooms and a spade
and use the mushrooms on the unfinished ring--NOTE
A dramen staff
and a duel ring

How to get there:
Take Your duel ring and teleport to castle wars, now you will find yourself in the castle waiting room. Walk to the fairy ring located here :
Wield your dramen staff and fill in the code :B J Q
Pray range/mage ( Wearing mage def pray range - Wearing range def pray mage) Before you enter!, you will find yourself in the middle of the waterfiends, simply walk to kura now from there like this:

And the best one is: Ferocious ring method!
requirments: Have atleast gotten a ferocious ring(5) as drop in kuradals dungeon.
*on how to get the fero ring read the third part of the guide*

How to get there:

This method is as far the easiest one and the fastest. Right-click you Fero ring and press Kuradal. you will now find yourself in front of kuradal!

Number 3: The monsters and drops in kuradal's dungeon

The monsters located in here are:
Hellhounds (level 122)
Greater demons (level 92)
Blue dragons (level 111)
Gargoyles (level 111)
Abyssal demons (level 124)
Dark beasts (level 182)
Iron dragons (leve 204)
and Steel dragons (level 263)
in the image u can see how to get to the monsters

All monsters have their own droplists:
But all monsters have one thing in common, All are able to drop the Ferocious ring, its a magical slayer ring, which has some very nice uses!

The ferocious ring has 5 charges, which are used to teleport to Kuradal.
Also if you are in kuradals dungeon you will get a +4 damage ( this only counts if you hit a 1+
if you hit a 0 which means miss you won't get the extra damage)
And it works as a ring of life ( it will turn into dust after this happens)

Number 4: What to bring/ Methods on several tasks.

Hellhounds (level 122)

My advice is to Melee these without prayer, take a bunyip/titan/unicorn and some food.
Take Melee def gear.
Greater demons (level 92)

Same as above, just melee these without prayer, bunyip will do.
Take melee def gear.
Blue dragons (level 111)

U have 2 options at these

The first one is melee:
Take melee def gear, and a whip/d scim + anti-dragonfire shield.
Take a some anti-fire pots, and a bird/tortoise/pack yack to store the bones/hides.


There is a safe spot in the room, there is a Square of rocks in the east corner which u can safespot at. take a anti-fire shield incase u have to pick up the drops with a dragon nearby,
take void>black d hide. Karils is not adviced since it will degrade. The point of ranging in kura's dungeon is a great idea, The fero will give you +4 damage, means knives will work great! the Summonings are the same again - Bird/Tortoise/pack yack.
Gargoyles (level 111)

I'd say melee these, as you have to use a rock hammer on them to finish these.
Take melee def, food and a bunyip, this will be enough to last your whole task.
Abyssal demons (level 124)

The mighty whip droppers Smile
Take melee def gear, a bunyip and a few pieces of food, this should be enough to last very long! take a few extra pouches.

You can also range these, take a tank gear setup like armadyl/karils and take a unicorn>titan>bunyip. This will work great also Smile
Dark beasts (level 182)

Never EVER use range at dark beasts, They are weak to melee attacks.
Take initiate as you pray melee Against them, Let them hit first so they only use melee attacks. Take prayer pots and a storage familair, and a few pieces of food.
Iron dragons (leve 204)
At the dragons u got several choices.
Mage, melee and the most common Range.

Mage: Take the chaos gauntlets, fire bolt/fire wave or even surge and go ahead =)
Take anti-fires and wear a anti-dragonfire shield ofcourse.
stand 2-3 squares away to not get hit by their melee attacks. take a storage familair.
Wear ahrims or mystic robes.

Melee: you have 2 options on melee, high herb and low herb.

High herb, At this point you can decide wether to take a 2-handed weapon or a 1-handed weapon with anti-dragonfire shield. Super-antifire allows you to wear a 2-handed without getting hit by the dragonfire. Further take prayer potions and pray protect from melee, use super sets, and take a storage familiar. wear initiate for prayer bonus

Low herb, At this point you can't decide on your weapon, Whip or lbs Will only pass the test on what hits best on them. anti-fire shield is a must! Take prayer pots and anti fires, a super set and wear initiate.

Range: Range is the most commong way to slay metal dragons.
Take broad bolts, Void>Karils>dhide anti-fires, range pots, a few bits of food, and a anti-fire shield, stand 2-3 squares away from them so you don't have to pray. take a storage familiar.
and Steel dragons (level 263)
Its the same as the iron dragons so no further explanation needed on here i think =)

Happy slaying nestlings, i update this soon this was just the small version! any idea's are welcome!

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PostSubject: Re: Kuradals dungeon +range update for gix   Wed Feb 03, 2010 2:47 pm

Thanks for the contribution, Vulk.
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PostSubject: Re: Kuradals dungeon +range update for gix   Thu Feb 04, 2010 3:38 pm

very nice vulk however i spot one tiny weeny mistake

lol! lol!
ide also been looking at guides for melleing metal drags so thx alot

looking forward to the extended version

Very Happy nice guide vulk
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PostSubject: Re: Kuradals dungeon +range update for gix   Fri Feb 05, 2010 4:21 pm

Woah, very nice Vulk! All of the information anyone could need is now compiled into a nice single post. Thanks Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Kuradals dungeon +range update for gix   

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Kuradals dungeon +range update for gix
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