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 all those 99s...

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PostSubject: all those 99s...   Wed Aug 02, 2017 1:54 pm

Hey guys Pepsi here.  Most of you know I was gone for around 5 years.  When I decided to come back, it seemed like EVERYONE got all 99s/maxed/completionist etc.  Well, I dont like being this far behind, so I plan on joining you guys, at least on some level.  Atleast, for now anyway, I have a very short attention span Razz

Currently Working on:  Invention, prayer, slayer, general money making.

No real plan as to what Ill get to 99 next.

Current lvl/Starting lvl/Goal

Attack: 99/99/99
Strength: 99/99/99
Defence: 99/99/99
Ranged: 99/91/99 (99 on 9/17/17)
Prayer: 99/79/99  
Runecrafting: 80/74/99
Construction: 88/71/99
Dungeoneering:99/79/99 (all solo cuz im dumb)  (99 on 1/12/18)
Agility: 85/69/99  (Just kill me.)
Herblore: 99/94/99  (99 on 9/15/17)
Thieving: 96/66/99
Crafting/ 99/77/99 (got 99 sometime in feb dxp)
Fletching: 99/99/99
Slayer 113/101/120
Hunter: 77/65/99
Divination: 89/47/99
Mining: 81/66/99
Smithing 99/99/99
Cooking: 96/74/99
Firemaking: 90/84/99   (for the most part I plan on leveling with yews from slayer and maples from kingdom.)
Woodcutting: 82/75/99
Farming: 99/85/99 (99 on 2/19/2018)
Summoning: 99/94/99 (99 on 9/15/17)
Invention 110/1/99 (99 on 1/24/18)

138cb 10/12/17  Very Happy

So as you can see, I have lots of nub skills and a LOT of work to do.  This thread is meant to keep me focused, plus it'd be cool if I actually did accomplish my goal and had a record of it.  Who knows how long I'll keep this updated.
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all those 99s...
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