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 Loot from 10k (10.000) Corrupted Workers

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PostSubject: Loot from 10k (10.000) Corrupted Workers   Tue Jun 13, 2017 1:24 am

Hi Nesters. Today I will be rocking your world with a whopping 10k corrupted worker tab and a breakdown on what to expect to get if you killed them.

Basic info on them.
level 103 slayer to kill.
13,000 lifepoints.
Combat style of monster: Melee
Weakness: Magic
Category of monster: Corrupted Creatures

Combat xp earned per kill: 956.5
Constitution xp earned per kill: 315.5
Slayer xp earned per kill: 653
Combat xp/hour to be earned while doing this method. 700kish
Constitution xp/hour to be earned while doing this method. 225kish
Slayer xp/hour to be earned whule doing this method 450kish

Unique Drop table:
Coins: 2500-3000. common
Soda ash: 40. common
Air orb: 2. uncommon
Red dragonhide vambraces: 4. uncommon
Rune kiteshield: 1. uncommon
Air battlestaff: 1. uncommon

Optimal gear/method of killing:
aggression pots with melee scythe is best gear you would want for these as to optimise kills per hour.

Methods of staying there:
Scrimshaw of vampirism is currently the best method of keeping your health at a safe level while doing the most damage possible without eating every few minutes.
I would recommend using thresholds such as hurricane and quake as much as possible and the ultimate meteor strike.
The defensive threshold devotion is a massive life saver if you are taking a lot of damage and cannot out heal it with the scrimshaw of vampirism

This method is also applicable for other combat methods such as abyssal demons and other corrupted creatures in the sophanem
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PostSubject: Re: Loot from 10k (10.000) Corrupted Workers   Wed Jun 14, 2017 6:35 am

Post some pictures!!


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Loot from 10k (10.000) Corrupted Workers
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