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PostSubject: DXPW   Mon May 22, 2017 9:38 am

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Like a Star @ heaven

Just wanted to do a little shoutout to the ranks and the rest of the cc with how smoothly things went, firstly in terms of keeping avatars up but also for the good vibe in the chat; lots of conversation and a nice atmosphere.

Obviously loads of people come on specially for DXP but it made me think about the importance of events.
Bringing people together, giving people something to participate in etc. Would be lovely to see more, and I know I'm guilty too for not hosting or arranging them as much as I could.

I'd really like to encourage people to be more confident in hosting events. Remember, anyone is welcome to host an event! Bossing, skilling, whatever, check with a rank if necessary and advertise in the cc/on snof as much as you like.
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