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 New web pages

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Gelatinnous Abomination

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PostSubject: New web pages   Tue Apr 05, 2016 8:24 am

I am Jakub, and I've been in your (our) clan for a like 2 years. I am not active in game a lot at this moment because I am studying university and workings as a web developer (1 n half year in current company, 4 years at all).

As a part of my education I've made web pages about RuneScape with tools like highscores, XP tracking, calculators and it's own system. It's very well done (almost perfectly) and I would like to complete it as a full community web with posts and forum (etc.) but I don't have time to fill it (with posts etc.).

I would like to offer it to you (Slayer Nest) and develop it as you wish (absolutly free - without any ads). I would make your own domain and servers and I would use it as reference (like "look what I've made!"). It would take a few months to build a perfect pages with their own system, but you could tell me whatever you want to make me there. I would like to make THE BEST RuneScape comunnity pages and I would like to work with you as community.

How real is this? Would be good for you? (don't worry about technical quality - I am good, I mean like really good).

Sorry for my english, it is not my primary language.
Thank you for your answers!
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Abyssal Demon

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PostSubject: Re: New web pages   Tue Apr 05, 2016 10:41 am

Ill reply later or tommorow, still at work.
If I dont please remind me.

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Gelatinnous Abomination

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Join date : 2016-04-04

PostSubject: Re: New web pages   Wed Aug 17, 2016 5:15 pm

I would really love to finish this project. Please let me know if you agree. You don't have to do anything, i'll just program you new forum system and many other tools for our clan! I'll get for us full domain (maybe ""?)  Smile

Here pic from devel version:

Currently it has highscores, user tracking (skills, ranks, quests), combat calculator, herblore calculator, login module
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PostSubject: Re: New web pages   

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New web pages
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