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PostSubject: EVENT POINTS - PLEASE READ   EVENT POINTS - PLEASE READ EmptyThu Dec 31, 2015 4:52 pm

Hey everyone, recently, we redid our Clan Chat Ranks (for the "non-ranks") and so far they've rolled out pretty well with no real problems.  Now I'd like to detail how people can earn Event Points.  To Recap, here's what was posted on it about a month back:

Hopalong wrote:
How to gain points from Events:
You can earn up to a MAXIMUM OF 5 POINTS FROM EVENTS EACH MONTH, regardless of rank.

  • 1 point = every event you attend in a month

    • An event is categorized as any gathering/competition that is organized by an event host.

      • You may only gain 1 point from entering a competition.

        • Other events that would get you your remaining 4 points are things like masses, minigames with clans, etc.  If you have a question about it let me know.

  • **RESTRICTED TO GENERALS AND CAPTAINS** - A Max of 3 points from Hosting an event

    • 2 points for an event you host in a month

      • All events must be OK’d by an Admin, Organiser, Deputy Owner or Owner

        • You can almost always find me/a high rank on our TeamSpeak (, no password) and on Skype if you need to contact someone.

    • An extra point may be given based on retention of people after the event and length of the event

      • Ideally would be an event that went for an hour and retained 10-15 people.

    • Competitions will only net you 1 point.
    • You may ‘select’ which event you want to count for your 1 event.

EX: HopalongJR hosts a skilling competition.  He’ll only get 1 point for this.  He decides to host a Kalphite King Mass the next day, and requests for that to be his event that counts towards his host points.
So for example let’s say HopalongJR is a captain that hosts 1 Kalphite King Mass, Attends 4 other events, enrolled in a skilling competition, and gains 7.5M XP in a month, he gains 6 points for that month - 2 points from the KK mass, 3 remaining points for attending events, and 1 point from gaining XP, giving 6 total points.
Event points will be manually archived at the beginning of each month such that the points gained from event attendance are permanent.  As a disclaimer, this doesn’t mean that there will be 5+ events per month, meaning you may not get 5 event points per month due to people not hosting.  However, I do imagine that with this system events will be plentiful enough if you keep your eyes and ears open, and check SNOF every couple of days.
How to lose points from not attending events:

  1. -7 points if you do not attend an event within a particular month.

    • Again, events are categorized as any gathering/competition held by an event host.
    • Actively participating in skilling competitions fills this
    • I am open to excusing people from this, but in all honesty it should be easy enough to make it to an event within a month.

So here’s an example to cover all these conditions.  Let’s say HopalongJR is a captain in the clan with a total of 50 points currently from previous events, and XP.  For one month, he hosts a KK mass (+2), attends other events (+3, caps his event pts), competes in a skilling competition (+0 due to event pts being capped), and gains 7.5M XP in that month (+1).  He’s now at 56 points going into his next month.  
However, for some reason or another HopalongJR was swallowed by the abyss.  HopalongJR would lose points after the first month for not gaining over 500K xp (-30), and for not attending an event (-7).  He’s now at risk of sitting at 19 points, and demoted to Sergeant.  However, before the month is up the abyss decided that dog doesn’t taste too great and spits him back out just in time for him to log into SNOF and post in the “Notice of Absence” forum about his harrowing tale.  Hopalong sees his post and decides to excuse him, and his points (56) and rank (Captain) have been restored.

Now that everyone has a simple understanding of how the points will be counted, now comes the point to tell you how these points will be tracked.  If you are intending on hosting an event or are planning on being an attendee, this is super important so listen up.

1.  AS A HOST (YOU MUST BE CAPTAIN+ IN THE CLAN) - to earn points, you most post on this thread and fill out the form completely.  If you do not, you will not earn host points.  Note that hosting events is open to the Admin, Organiser and Deputy Owner ranks, just points will not be tallied for your hosting, participation points for attendees will be though.  If you are a Captain or General Rank in clan, your events must be passed through either an Admin, Organiser, or Deputy Owner before you can gain points.  This check can be done retrospectively.  On top of that, your event needs to be called out the CC at least once and must allow people from the CC to join in if you want your points.
2.  AS AN ATTENDEE - you are responsible for keeping your host accountable.  If they haven't posted on the thread, tell them to.  CHECK HERE to see if your name & event has been posted.
3.  AS A PARTICIPANT IN COMPETITIONS - please sign up at least every month if you want to earn points.  It makes it much easier on me.
4.  AS ANY RANK - It is up to you to double check your event points each month to affirm that they are correct.  If there's any discrepancies please PM me on the Forums so I can get to fixing it.

If anyone has any questions feel free to PM me on the Forums or reply here.  Otherwise, enjoy!

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