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 Sirvengence's G&A's

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PostSubject: Sirvengence's G&A's   Sat Dec 26, 2015 3:08 pm

Hey guys, thought i'd chuck up a post of my goals for the next wee while, will try and update as i get them but no promises haha.
Wanting to do a tripple 99 in the new year and may have a party for it, if i do everyones welcome to come Smile

Tripple 99's
98/99 Range (~120k till 99)
97/99 Slayer (~1.4m till 99)
97/99 Magic (~1.5m till 99)

80+ stats
72/80 Runecrafting
73/80 Thieving
76/80 Hunter
77/80 Divination
77/80 Mining

Prif Reqs (only quests left)
Making History
Roving Elves
Catapult Construction
Within the Light
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Sirvengence's G&A's
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