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 Player Owned House - Aquarium challenge

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Abyssal Demon

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PostSubject: Player Owned House - Aquarium challenge   Mon Apr 20, 2015 6:33 am

This is still under construction; when new info leaks out I'll update it.

This smells fishy . . .
With today's weekly update, we get full, brand-new PoH room; Aquarium.
This new room is very much linked to the Fishing skill (as name suggests), there are many unlockable boosts that can be achieved to boost Fishing-training or cosmetic apereance of the room.

Aquarium itself has two floor levels; ground floor and Aquarium below.
There are 5 build hotspots on the ground level of Aquarium:
- Diving suit hotspot (this one is required to be able visit your aquarium beneath)
- Prawnbroker (used to unlock PrawnPerks (discussed further on) which will benefit you with Fishing activities)
- Centerpiece Wall
- Whooper Wall
- Ground decoration

Along with fixed, non-constructable biosphere to Aquarium below in the centre.

How Aquarium works and (Trimmed) CompletionistCape requirements:
Once Prawnbroker is built, player has a chance to receive Prawn Balls or Prawn Cracker (Prawn Cracker is 1:10 chance to be received instead of Prawn Ball) while fishing.
Player will receive one Prawn Ball/Cracker for every 35k LP fish he catch* (LP is calculated based on corresponding cooked-fish LP heal).
Prawn Cracker is same as Prawn Ball only that it will yield reward for both players (one who received it and one who the Cracker was pulled with).
Prawn Balls/Crackers have their own loot-table and player will get a roll on this table when Unwrapping Ball/pulling Cracker.

* Leaping fish (from Barbarian/Otto's Lake fishing) have imagine LP added to them, as these fish can't be cooked.
There are 3 Prawn Perks (Perks discussed later in this post) that you can unlock, which will yield PrawnItems more often. It's believed that each Perk you unlock will lower LP-treshold for 3,333LP fished.

Prawn Ball/Cracker loot-table:
(AI = Aquarium Item, SAI = Surface Aquarium Item)
This is full table of possible loot when looting Prawn Balls/Crackers:
(- RNG Chance - Loot)
- 50/200 chance - Prawn Penny – consumable item that increases the chance of
finding gold fish. Chances become 1 in 2 hours rather than 1 in 3 hours. Lasts for 25
fish, then disappears from the player’s inventory. Prawn pennies cannot be stacked.
- 20/200 – Random 1-5 cooked baron sharks
- 20/200 – Kelp (AI)
- 14/200 – Boiler tank (SAI)
- 14/200 – Mermaid Purse (AI)
- 14/200 – Porthole (SAI)
- 11/200 – Message in a bottle (SAI)
-11/200 – Sharkbone jaw (SAI)
- 11/200 – Ship figurehead (SAI)
- 11/200 – Anchor (AI)
- 8/200 – Prawn Pound – same as the Prawn Penny, but lasts for 100 fish before it is consumed
- 6/200 – Treasure chest (AI)
- 6/200 – Cannon (AI)
- 2/200 – White Wolf Mountain (AI)
- 2/200 - Vorago statue (AI)
- 2/200 - Sea troll egg (AI)
- 2/200 Fishing Guild trophy (AI)
- 2/200 - Tribal mask (AI)
- 2/200 – Stone head (AI)
- 1/200 - Golden Fish Egg – One random golden fish egg that the player has not
previously gained. The player does not have to have the fishing level to gain this fish.
- 1/200 - Golden Prawn Cracker – Once pulled, it gives a fish egg to two players

Additional information about Prawn Items:
The boiler tank, porthole, message in a bottle, sharkbone jaw and ship figurehead are all tradeable. All other items are untradeable.
When a player has gained an aquarium object and unlocked it at their aquarium, they cannot gain it again from a cracker or ball. Instead, they get a replacement prawn penny.

Player will receive a total of 50 Prawn Balls once they reach level 99 Fishing. Players with 99 Fishing already in place, can claim 50 Prawn Balls from Prawnbroker at their PoH Aquarium. This 50 PrawnBalls don't count towards 200PrawnItems treshold for PrawnPerk points.

Golden Fish Eggs:
This one is completelly RNG (based on Jagex's info, one Golden Egg is given out every ~3hours of fishing. Player needs to be fishing correct type of Fish in order to be eligable for Golden Egg. These Golden Eggs can be put in your Aquarium to fill it up with different fish Smile
There are 14 different types of Golden Eggs that can be obtained from Fishing:
- Trout
- Salmon
- Tuna
- Rainbow Fish
- Lobster
- Leaping Trout
- Swordfish
- Lava Eel
- Leaping Salmon
- Monkfish
- Leaping Sturgeon
- Shark
- Cavefish
- Rocktail

Prawn Perks and Completionist capes requirements
Once player reach certain treshold (4 tresholds total) of total Prawn Balls/Crackers looted while Fishing (these tresholds are 1, 20, 100 and 200) they will unlock 1 Prawn Perk-point for each treshold. One Prawn Perk-point is also unlocked with each Golden Egg you find/receive. There are total of 18 Prawn Perk-points to be unlocked, Prawnbroker/tree currently only consist out of 15 Prawn Perks, so 3 Prawn Perk-points are leftover.
CompletionistCape requirement is to have your PerkTree completelly unlocked (15Prawn Perks) and Trimmed CompletionistCape requirement is to unlock all 18 available Prawn Perk-points. (4 from tresholds of PrawnItems and other 14 from finding all Golden-fish Eggs)
Leftover Prawn Perks can be cashed in for 10k Fishing XPs each.

Perks appear in a gated pattern of 4-1-4-1-4-1, - the player is free to pick from 4 on the first
tier, but they need all 4 to unlock the 1 on the next tier, etc.
These Prawn Perks are:
Tier 1:
- Prawn items will be more frequent
- You can fish without using fishing bait
- Gain a landmark of your choice for your aquarium
- Gain 10x Prawn Pennies
Tier 2:
- Gain 1 random golden fish egg
Tier 3:
- Prawn items will be more frequent
- You can fly-fish without using feathers
- Prawn Pennies and Prawn Pounds last for double the number of fish
- Gain three diving suit cosmetic overrides for the surface
Tier 4:
- Gain 1 golden prawn cracker
Tier 5:
- Prawn items will be more frequent
- You can barbarian fish without using bait or feathers
- Gain a great white shark pet and a great white shark for your aquarium
- Gain the ability to fish great white shark from shark fishing spots
Tier 6:
- Player is able to make sushi

Player desired to (re)obtain their Completionist cape, should follow this pattern to achieve their 1, 20, 100 and 200 Prawn Ball/Cracker tresholds ASAP and therefore to unlock 4 Prawn Perks this way:
Fish / PrawnBalls per 3hr of Fishing

Only to add are Aquarium (underwater) Items that can be built (some are auto-given to players others are unlocked via Prawn Ball/Cracker loot-table) and GreatWhite Shark reward (Sushi).
I'll maybe add this later on Smile

Hopefully this is understandable, if anything is missing, incorrect or can be better written, let me know and I'll do my best Smile

- Player owned House Aquarium Design Document:
- RuneScape Forums -HLF, Aquarium Calculations thread (QFC: 259-260-534-65586110)
Additional Guide for HLF RuneScape Forums users: QFC: 259-260-130-65609594

Gone Fishin' . . . bounce

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Abyssal Demon

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PostSubject: Re: Player Owned House - Aquarium challenge   Mon Apr 20, 2015 6:34 am

Reserved 4 Aquarium underwater Upgrades
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PostSubject: Re: Player Owned House - Aquarium challenge   Mon Apr 20, 2015 10:13 am



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Ganodermic Beast
Ganodermic Beast

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PostSubject: Re: Player Owned House - Aquarium challenge   Mon Apr 20, 2015 12:15 pm

Are they going to increase max room size by 1 or do we have to get rid of something?


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Abyssal Demon

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PostSubject: Re: Player Owned House - Aquarium challenge   Mon Apr 20, 2015 12:40 pm

Max amount of Rooms has been increased by 1.
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PostSubject: Re: Player Owned House - Aquarium challenge   

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Player Owned House - Aquarium challenge
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