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 Banned topics/words Friends Chat

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Abyssal Demon

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PostSubject: Banned topics/words Friends Chat   Fri Oct 03, 2014 12:21 pm

I'll speak about Friends Chat here, where I think this problem is bigger than CC (as CC being "closed chat" atleast, and solving problems there is alot easier).

What I saw in past few weeks, or even months is that swearing and so called banned topics aren't dealt with anymore.
I see even some high-ranked players (Stars+) will swear or use unappropriate words for minors on daily basis too.

We should remember that we're still fully open community and there are lots of kids, which I don't find right to use such words in Friends Chat. Even simple 'Merondonononononononon' or 'Weetsyboy' can effect minors alot.

I'd love to see that atleast ranked players try to avoid such a language, even if it's not focused to another player (as assult).
I'm in no way assulted by such language (I'm 20+ years old), but I can see alot of players join our community just to see them leave fast because of immature players (once again some ranks use this which should be dealt fast ASAP).

Please discuss if you noticed anything special or how something like this should be dealt with.

Ps. I also notice that some players are targeted and warned for using words stated above (when you loose bank or w/e), which I don't find fair as other, regular/long-time Nesters won't be warned.

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Ganodermic Beast
Ganodermic Beast

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PostSubject: Re: Banned topics/words Friends Chat   Sun Oct 05, 2014 9:25 am

Language is chat is always a wishy washy point among ranks as we all have different views on it. Personally I don't really like seeing it, I like to have a nice clean chat but I know other ranks don't mind the swearing as long as it is not aimed at people.

Banned topics have not really been enforced for a while. I have let some slide when I see them being discussed in a relaxed manor as it does not effect the chat to much but as soon as I see it it starting to cause issue I will put and end to it.

Drug talk however I still don't like to see at all


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PostSubject: Re: Banned topics/words Friends Chat   Wed Apr 29, 2015 5:07 pm

I know that I'm one of the biggest problems with this. No I don't purposly curse in the chat, it's just a habbit of mine that's hard not to do.

What does bother me is when I get warned to watch the language. I've been in Slayer Nest for over 6 years. I know the rules. Just about all of the ranks, from what I know, relise it's an accident and don't warn.

One thing I have always wondered, is why is their a rule on language after they put the profanity filter? Simple, if you are bothered or offended by curse words, or anything like that put the filter on. Like Ziksy I'm 20+ and I talk like that on a regular basis, and don't like how I have to change how I talk, because some people don't want to put the filter on. It's an online game. This should be expected.

I completly understand why discriminating terms, and everything would be banned. Filter doesn't block all of them, and their is no point in putting people down and what not. I just don't understand why we can't say something that isn't directed at anyone or ment to offended anyone. For example "Learning how to solo Nex is a Bitch". How does that bother anyone at all?

I am a dedicated nester so I will follow whatever rules are in place, but I do question this one more than any. (Yes I do slip on occasion and say "Merondonononononononon")

So I guess the reason for my post, is just to give my opinion, and try and get some questions answered.
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Desert Strykewyrm

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PostSubject: Re: Banned topics/words Friends Chat   Fri May 01, 2015 5:45 am

I actually prefer there not to be any swearing. It makes the chat more civil and mature. If swearing was openly prohibited, pretty much every sentence would contain a swear word.
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PostSubject: Re: Banned topics/words Friends Chat   

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Banned topics/words Friends Chat
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