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 Guide2 "FREE" Summoning Xpee 4 poor nubs

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PostSubject: Guide2 "FREE" Summoning Xpee 4 poor nubs   Mon Feb 03, 2014 9:23 pm

Guide meant for mid/high level player who are poor and could do a weekly dose of summon xp

concept is to break even the money sink summoning does

Charming imp is a must. Its a dungeoneering reward that require 100k tokens.

Familiarisation is a weekly D&D which rewards you triple charm drop for 40mins upon completing the miningame

Press F3 to start
Select Minigames > Familiarisation

Tele to loadstone and go to pikkupstix(99summoncapedude) to find location of pikkenmix
Different worlds has different timing so quick hopping off your friendlist is a quick way to find his location

He will give hints for example : "A rotten town south of a corrupted, shady village." means he is at the obelisk north of Burgh de Rott

If he says "I expect off somewhere relaxing. He's been quite busy lately." means there is no active obelisk which you will hop to a different world

For full hints translation can be found here :


Before collecting reward, gear up in magic gear and with ancient spell book.

Objective of the game is to collect 60 shards, and to avoid certain type of familiars, unlimited running energy is needed here for efficiency.

Once done collect the reward "triple charm drop"

This will last 40mins in-game time

4 Options (nubiest to pro order)

1a. Hellhounds in taverly dungeon(gold charms)
1b. Gelatineous abomination (near tutorial area in burtrope)
2. Abbysal walkers in abbys (green charms)
3a Waterfiends
3b Dagganoths in waterbirth isle (crimson charms)
3c King Black dragon (crimson charms)

1. Gelatineous abomination & Hellhounds (for beginners)
not recommended as gold is tiny xp but if your super nub then you gotta start somewhere

Hellhounds require higher combat and always aggressive, can be bloodfire burst


2. Abbysal Walkers

Note: You will need to bypass wilderness and if you die in wilderness, you will lose ALL items

go to South-west spot and bloodfire burst


they drop alot of Green charms

you may also pick up abbysal charms(2nd ingredient), abbysal lurker are big profit

3a Waterfiends

They are found outside of kuradals dungeon or in chaos tunnels, killing them with melee would be faster than ranging them. You may bring along a bunyip with some scrolls as they drop alot of raw fish.

They drop alot of crimson charms.

3b Dagganoths

Requires a cannon

Set up

Set up cannon and set momentum on bloodfire burst


3c King Black Dragon

If you are not willing to pay for cannonballs, dis


Make sure you add random players that are online as many as possible for quick hop

you may bank dragon bones and hides
to maximize charm collection, use bone crusher and portants to deposit hides, dont pick drops

KBD drops 4 charms at a time so that 4x3=12 charm per kill. and commonly crimsons

Once your 40mins of triple charm is up you may proceed to Jat and buy 1k yak hides from Vanligga for 50gp each

take dis route

You may do this once a day so you will get roughly 1k yak hides a day

if you have 95 summoning and above
- make yak pouches
- sell spare yak hides in ge
- sell made yak pouches
- pays for shards,cannonball and runes used


if you cannot make yak, make the next highest possible thing you can make
same concept

for gold charm user


repeat every week

GO get dat xp for slayer nest

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PostSubject: Re: Guide2 "FREE" Summoning Xpee 4 poor nubs   Mon Feb 03, 2014 10:58 pm

Show them the minigames tab and how to find the obelisk using quickhops and lookin for a short world, and then link them to the wikia hints page so they can find the obelisk lol.
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PostSubject: Re: Guide2 "FREE" Summoning Xpee 4 poor nubs   Mon Feb 17, 2014 10:12 am

yak hide shop...1000 stock....50 coin each...Thanks for sharing this didn't knew, it really helped, good guide i will do the 3b method of daggonths where i feel immortal with bb and ss.
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PostSubject: Re: Guide2 "FREE" Summoning Xpee 4 poor nubs   

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Guide2 "FREE" Summoning Xpee 4 poor nubs
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