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 The Growing Problems I See

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Gray Havens
Gelatinnous Abomination

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PostSubject: The Growing Problems I See   Fri Dec 04, 2009 8:31 pm

To begin with, I'm going to point out that you'll see me in the clan chat as Nova Aeterna. My old runescape name was Gray Havens.

I intend for this thread to be a general discussion for all aspects of Runescape's past, present, and future, and the problems within.

What I've noticed in the game as a growing problem is the constant evolution of combat, specifically increased damage dealing. I've been playing for 5 years, and at first, the high level players were wearing what would be considered funny in this day and age. D med, d chain, obby shield, no skill cape, cooking gaunts, dragon long and then later abyssal whips. Rune boots. Etc. The max hit in pvp was like mid 30s? Melee and magic were pretty balanced with the addition of ancient magic and range was the underdog until crossbows got revamped and the dark bow came out.

Basically, everything just keeps getting stronger and stronger. The dark bow is a high hitter, so are the special bolts for crossbows. When barrows came out, melee got pretty stacked. Recipe for disaster gave some pretty nice gloves. Fighter torso. Godwars brought godswords and dragon boots. Left and right, I see new items with higher strength boosts. We see new prayers piety and chivalry come out about 2 and a half years ago, around the same time godwars came out actually. Damage just keeps coming easier and easier to deal. Dragon claws recently...More recently I see the addition of extreme pots and now the even newer combat based prayers. Magic potions now boost damage with every level...and staves give 10% damage boosts. Like I said, damage just gets boosted left and right. It's the new theme in runescape: higher damage.

I remember when pking was two people hacking for minutes at eachother with d scims or whips and then pulling out dds for kos. Now if you step into the wilderness you see (aside from 50% of people 76king) the people who are "pking" end fights in less than 5 seconds. Regularly.

Ags specs? D claw specs? Dark bow specs? Dharok's effect? Dragon bolts? Onyx bolts? I mean, even with a dds, players can hit like mid 40s back and forth. I know that Jagex recognizes the problem because they don't allow extreme pots in pvp...but the problem of damage being boosted is still present. I was hoping the new prayers would be NOT related to combat because I knew an upgraded piety just makes max hits a little higher.

I'm 99 strength and I have the maxed out str bonus and piety. Only things I don't have are herblore levels for extreme pots and prayer levels for new prayers. I know there are players out there who are maxed out and they can hit ridiculously high. Dragon claws in the right hands are capable of ending a fight instantly. Same with the AGS and dark bow. I know that I have hit upper 70s w/ags on another player using piety and super strength pot.

I mean, all of this new gear is really cool and I like using them. Hell, I don't even pk all that much. But I still see the problem that is with all of this new damage, the hp cap is still only 99. Back when the max hit was in the mid 30s, the hp cap was still 99. Now the max hits are like 300% of what they once were...and the hp cap of 99 still remains.

I see no "easy" solution to this problem and that is why it's a big problem. Damage reducing armors? I see it as a big possiblity, because defense only reduces the chance of being hit...not the damage being dealt.

Anyone see what I'm saying? Feel free to add to this
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Brine Rat

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PostSubject: Re: The Growing Problems I See   Sat Dec 05, 2009 5:12 am

Well said, I am maxed melee myself and I do pk. It's insane that I can down someone in 2 hits in pvp, and scares me when I get downed. hp SHOULD be increased to atleast 150.
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The Growing Problems I See
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