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 The Incredible Voyage!

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PostSubject: The Incredible Voyage!   Thu Dec 13, 2012 4:39 pm

Post here, a short story

it should be composed of

A: your captain and their trais,
B: the crew of the ship
C; the ships status before voyage
D: ships goals prior to departing
E: mission briefing at the return of the voyage

every time you are due to obtain a new item/scroll or unlock some new goodies make a post Razz

here is an example

Portmasters log RuneDate 3942.97

Captain Morgan Bonny, blessed with a heartful of moral is due to set sail in search of a widely rumoured stock of bamboo and chimes, alas the crews moral is withered, in her attempt to find a suitable crew to undertake this journey she recruits a cook, hailing from Varrock! the sea will be treacherous, but the seafaring stock of man and woman with her will lead her to the destenation and back home!

Portmasters log RuneDate 3943.11

it has been many a minute since she has set sail, i fear the worst,
crew moral is high and they are sea worthy, but are out gunned they may not stand a chance.

Portmasters log RuneDate 3944.01

I see, I see a bright light from the distance, could it be ? yes! it is the shine of telescope!
they are back, they have returned!

Portmasters log RuneDate 3945.00

we sat down at the table, stories that they told, were amazing, the booty wasn't bad either,,

A scroll of spices, some gun powder (1000) and precious bamboo! for repairing the seas wrath off of my ships!



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The Incredible Voyage!
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