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 Fast route to do profitable daily run.

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PostSubject: Fast route to do profitable daily run.   Fri Sep 07, 2012 5:38 pm

Sorry for making it seem like wall of text. Takes shorter to read than it looks. I will hopefully soon find time to make it all look cleaner.

Hello, I've noticed that really not many people do so called "dailies", which are proven to be best way to spend your time in-game. In runescape it isn't always true, for very rich/maxed/lazy people, but overall by spending 15-20 minutes a day you can gain really good profit in both money and experience.
How does that work? Well, game allows you do do certain thing once a day or for very limited time, this is usually something that is considered a good boost but is limited because without such limits it would be just too good. IF you do it everyday it will pretty fast accumulate to really big numbers.
In this guide I will not post how to do everything that is doable everyday, but only write about things that I think are good enough to spend time on and give you fellow nestie a example route/order in which it can be done to maximise efficiency (pretty much what I've been doing for very long time).

1. I've split single daily run into 4 runs that require banking.

  • Major run including trees/fruit trees/buying stuff that is on the way

    • Daily tree/fruit tree run;
    • battlestaves;
    • pure essence;
    • adry vine;
    • seaweed/pineapples;
    • pineapples/apples;

  • Wicked hood
  • Bork
  • Collectables

    • sand
    • red sandstone
    • jack of trades

2. Requirements

  • farming level to plant trees/fruit trees of choice
  • 72 farming for calquat tree patch
  • varrock tasks for battlestaves (easy = 16, medium = 32, hard = 64, elite = 80)
  • ardougne tasks for pure essence (medium = 100, hard = 150)
  • Back to my roots for wild vine
  • karamja tasks done for daily pineapples/apples ( easy for 40 pineapples, elite for additional 40 apples)
  • Wicked hood has no requirements, but for decent profit I relly recommend getting 76 rc + completion of Murning's Ends Part II and 80 runecrafting for full wicked set (175 ess up from 100)
  • Hunt for Surok done for Bork
  • The Handin the Sandfor daily sand delivery
  • 81 mining for abiity to mine red sandstone

3. Explanation:

I used to plant oranges + willows till around 80 farming and currently only doing papayas. This is because papayas are still cheap (3 xp/gp + very cheap payment) and willows only give 7,5k exp for full run, which makes it equal to 1 papaya tree or single farm run and maples/yew/magics are all above 8 gp/xp.
Trees take 6 hours to grow, fruit trees take about 15 hours and calquat takes 20. This is only true if you paid farmer, otherwise it can be longer. I recommend using payment if you are doing papayas, otherwise with roanges/apples/willows supercompost is good enough (cheaper to use supercompost and lose 12% of trees then pay for all payments)

Pretty straightforward profit.Takes 3 clicks to buy all staves , and each one costs 7k in shop and sells for 7,8-8k on g.e.. This makes 30k/60k/75k for medium/hard/elite tasks.

pure essence:
100/150 pure essence is only 10-15k daily but since you are in area anywy it won't ever hurt.

wild vine:
its 1,5k farming exp and 2,5k slayer exp every other day. Farming doesnt seem too good, but 2,5k slayer experience for 1 minute fight is really worth the effort.

pineapples are just a bonus,main thing is 80 seaweed for 160 gp. G.e. price when I write this is 280 each. This means 25k profit gained by jsut walkiing by when going ot Catherby fruit tree patch.

as above, it wouldn't be worth it, but since we're running next to Dell Monti, it really doesn't hurt to take free stuff.

Wicked hood:
Free teleport to death altar (or lower if you dont have quest/rc) with 27 pure ess and draw additional 175 essences while crafting. 200+ deaths daily for phr33.

Really cool for people without maxed summoning. Its 3-4 minutes everyday and gets you 5 blue, 7 cims and 2-3 greens.

Red sandstone:
50 sandstone daily which can be later turned into flasks that are 4k each (at the moment of writing - used to be alot more)

another 64 free stuff that you can sell at 300 each.

Jack of trades:
I never say no to 7-9k exerience in chosen skill for 1 minute of work.

4. Monthly rough estimates:

Doing 5 fruit tree patches daily for 30 days (as example i use papaya): 30 days * 5 patches * 6,5k exp = 975k experience <- yes it's milion experience for stupid 5 min of work.
Doing calquat daily: 30 days * 12k = 360k experience for single patch. How awesome is that????

60k x 30 days = 1,800k. Well 2m for 3 clicks daily on the way to farming patch is cool thing.

wild vine:
assuming 2 minute fight with this thing, you spend 30 mins over the course of the month to get about 40k xp. Such small effort to acieve 80k/hr in slayer. (and 2 mins is for 80 cbt)

25k & 30 days = 750k, thats fair for almost free stuff on the way t ofram patch

wicked hood:
with only 81 rc i manage to get 230 deaths daily. THIS IS FREAKING 7KDEATHS EACH MONTH!!!! +double that in fire runes

Seems like it takes long? Think of those 150 blues + 200 crims. Blues alone would be more than worth this.

Red sandstone:
30 days * 50 sandstone = 1500 flasks. 4k x 1500 = 6m. Yes, now think how much money you have lsot by not doing that.....

5.Runs in-depth

Main run:
If you are doing farm part of wild vine, take a bonus supercompost, if doing slay part take magic def armor (d'hide) with hatchet/adze as weapon + antidote+
Withdraw 5 fruit trees seedling, (optional 5 trees seedling), 1 calquat tree seedling, (supercompost for trees or optional noted payment for trees - f.e. pineappels for papayas), lletya teleport crystal.
Teleport to varrock (tp or lodgestone), run to var palace and do tree patch there, run to spirit tree and teleport to stronghold,
in stronghold there is fruit tree patch and normal tree patch, after doing those teleport to gnome vilalge and followe elkoy outside maze and do fruit tree patch there.
Use lletya crystal and do fruit tree patch there, now lodgestone to taverly, falador and lumbridge and do 3 trees there,
being almost done, lodgestone to catherby, run fast to docks (south of bank) and buy seaweed and pineapples, and run east to fruit tree patch.
LAst lodgestone teleport to ardougne, here run to wizzard for free pure ess, then go to ardy ine and check it, then run to docks and take boat to brimhaven,
in brimhaven do fruit tree patch, while running south collect pineapples, and run to calquat tree patch.

Bork: if you have equipment from vine only change weapon to cr/whip/other thing of your choice, take supatk/str + few food + spec weapon (claws/dds)
otherwise rememebr to equip armor Smile
Run north from edge lodgestone to sw entrance to ct. Then take 6-7 portals till you come to dags cave and enter borks lair. Pray melee use boosts and kill this big stupid orc.

Wicked hood:
deposit everything, just withdraw wicked hood + 27 pure ess, teleport to altar of you choice and do your magic. I mean your rc Wink

Not a muss but you might want to tp to yanille and talk to Bert. After that deposit runes and takea pickaxe and preferable a tokkul-zo (good teleport close to fairy ring, but edge lodgestoen works too)
use fairy ring aks and run south to sandstone, mine full inv, bank it and repeat.


Sorry for last part being messy but had to finish it fast. I will fix all those and add some more sections for lower lvl dailes.

Good luck.

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PostSubject: Re: Fast route to do profitable daily run.   Fri Sep 07, 2012 6:13 pm

very nice.
I would recommend not useing adze for jade vine as it seems to hit very little (might be because it has terrible att stats Neutral ) also, there is a shortcut through the wall just south of the red sandstone mining rock (not sure what lvl you need tho) that is more convenient for banking (especially if you have 89 crafting to make into flasks).
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Ganodermic Beast
Ganodermic Beast

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PostSubject: Re: Fast route to do profitable daily run.   Sat Sep 08, 2012 5:52 am

Inless I missed it robust glass is great to do as well, I can't make the glass myself but I still mine the rock for when I can Smile


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PostSubject: Re: Fast route to do profitable daily run.   Sat Sep 08, 2012 12:07 pm

@up: i've included red sandstone mining, need to only add that for changing sandstone into robust glass you need 89 craft (or was it for robust glass -> flask??)

Ah and thanks for poining out thing bout adze, I just thought it might work, but even tho i have adze i'm more used to using d hatchet Wink
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Ganodermic Beast
Ganodermic Beast

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PostSubject: Re: Fast route to do profitable daily run.   Sat Sep 08, 2012 4:24 pm

You mine the rock stuff, use it on the machine to get robust glass then use the glass to make flasks


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PostSubject: Re: Fast route to do profitable daily run.   Sat Sep 08, 2012 6:08 pm

very profitable ;P
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PostSubject: Re: Fast route to do profitable daily run.   

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Fast route to do profitable daily run.
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