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 New Item Ideas

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PostSubject: New Item Ideas   Fri Oct 30, 2009 3:54 am

Okay well I have a few Ideas for some new items. They are as follows

Dragonscale Shield

Now I know you read the name and think, wow what a noob, he is totally just ripping off the dragonfire shield. I will admit, it is similar, but ONLY in the way it is obtained. Basically to get this Item you have to be fighting the King Black Dragon. These dangerous monsters will have the possibility of dropping a new drop, the Giant Dragonscale. With 85 crafting you will then be able to use a chisel on the Giant Dragonscale to create the Dragonscale Shield.

The Dragonscale Shield will have stats similar to these.

Attack - 0 stab, 0 slash, 0 crush, -15 magic, +25 range.
Defense - +34 stab, +29 slash, +38 crush, +32 magic, +34 range

*Would also be resistant to dragonfire like the Anti-fire Shield and Dragonfire Shield*

Drop rates should be something like 1/800.

Dragonbone Ring

This would be an interesting little ring made out of the bones of a Dragon, not just any dragon bones, but ancient dragon bones. These bones would be dropped by Iron, Steel, and Mithril Dragons. You would then carve these bones using a chisel and 85 crafting, and then take them to A NPC who would channel your magic power to enchant it. (85 magic)

The Dragonbone Ring would have stats similar to this

Attack - +10 stab, +10 slash, +10 crush, +10 magic, +10 range
Defense - +10 stab, +10 slash, +10 crush, +10 magic, +10 range
Other - +5 strength, +8 prayer

*Would NOT be resistant to dragonfire*

Drop rates should be something like this

Iron Dragon - 1/2200
Steel Dragon - 1/1700
Mithril Dragon - 1/1100

These are it for now, am currently thinking of a new weapon to go on par with whip and godswords.
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Brine Rat

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PostSubject: Re: New Item Ideas   Fri Oct 30, 2009 4:05 am

very nice, maybe for the weapon, a "fossilised dragon spine whip"

Basically you can get this from only the mithril and kbd. Its the spinal cord of the dragon, take a chisle to it and its a dragonspine whip or something like it =p
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New Item Ideas
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