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 Autumns Firecape Setup/Inv - High Lvls

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PostSubject: Autumns Firecape Setup/Inv - High Lvls   Sun Oct 23, 2011 2:35 pm

Mk, Zang asked me to make this, so here it is.

Setup For Melee:

Can replace FSH with a veracs helm/fighters hat/neitz
Can replace BCP/BT with v brassy-skirt/guthans/dharoks, you get the idea.
Can replace AC4 with SWC/AC3/Obby/Skill Cape
Can replace Rapier with CLS/Whip
Can replace Steadfasts with D boots
Can replace Berserker Ring with Onyx ring i/b ring i/explorers
Fury should not be replaced. If you're broke, use a stole
Aura is Reverence one.

Inv For Melee:

Honestly don't use melee if you don't have overloads, too much trouble for it.
This melee inv setup is focused more on using the dfs for tanking the rangers and magers at times, you'll also soulsplit most, if not all of your lp back.

Setup For Range:

Can replace Arma helm with FSH if you're on task, otherwise v helm/neitz
Can replace Armadyl Chest/Chainskirt with blk dhide/karils
Can replace Rangers with snakeskin/gla's
Can replace Unholy Book with EEKS
Can replace CCB with a rune crossbow
Take an Aura, in this case I just forgot to equip Reverence again.
Take an Archers Ring (I dont have one since I bought an onyx ring I've yet to imbue), Archers Ring i, or an Onyx Ring i, or a Explorers Ring

Inv For Range:

I'd advise this if it's your first fire cape, melee can be a bit more stressful.

It'll be along the same lines as melee, but you take an extra renewal and overload since range isn't as fast as melee. Using the dfs to tank rangers is useful, but not really needed. You also shouldn't really be drinking alot of brews during this, even if you do use rigour. Also includes you trapping some of the fight cave monsters behind the ket-zek or on a wall corner.

Beyond that, not much to it. I never used full guthans ever in fight caves, and consider it a waste of space. If you need that much healing, you're probably going to die.

The End.


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Autumns Firecape Setup/Inv - High Lvls
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