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 Coliseum sign-ups + rules

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T3h Pragerman

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PostSubject: Coliseum sign-ups + rules   Tue Oct 27, 2009 7:09 pm

Here is where you post the bio of your character, and if it seems to check out O.K. I'll approve it and you can be well on your way.


1. All actions must be indicated by putting the text in-between a pair of asterisks (i.e. *punch*, *kick*, *pain*, *violence*, etc.).

2. No god-moding (this means that you can't suddenly become an all-powerful character who is completely invincible and deals death with the tip of his little-toe).

3. No "Potchening" (if you're hurt, you have to heal. If someone says they hit you, then you can't say you dodged it, but you can say you blocked it partially or hit them while they were fighting you).

4. Don't be a jerk (self-explanatory).

5. Fights are 1v1 only unless otherwise specified (don't randomly attack someone that's in a fight, it's just as annoying here as Pj'ers are in RuneScape).

6. No killing (you can't attack someone with a move that they cannot recover from, such as destroying every little particle of their body so they can't regenerate or something similar).
That should do it, just sign up and have fun.

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T3h Pragerman

Posts : 37
Join date : 2009-10-20

PostSubject: Re: Coliseum sign-ups + rules   Tue Oct 27, 2009 7:11 pm

My bio:

Name: Alex Mercer

Race: Human? (not gonna spoil plot twist)

Age: 30s

Height: About 6'

Weight: Considering the amount of people whose bodies were consumed, probably extremely high.

Weapons: Musclemass (an extremely powerful muscle augmentation), Claws, Whipfist (a long appendage on right arm with a small blade at the end), Hammerfist (over-sized extremely heavy fists that can cause shockwaves), Blade (Right arm, a long curved blade in front and a short straight one in back).

Special abilities:

3 different "devastator" moves: Groundspike Graveyard (causes many sharp stalagmites to spontaneously erupt from the ground in a 20-foot circle around Alex), Tendril Barrage (hundreds of tendrils shoot out from Alex, spearing people close to him), and Critical Pain (shoots out a large mass from hands that deals massive damage to a single person)

Can "consume" people to adopt their appearance and fragments of their memories

More-than-superhuman athletic abilities, including gliding

Can regenerate damage dealt (up to a point)
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Coliseum sign-ups + rules
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