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 Radeon 9 Budget: 9100

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Abyssal Demon

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PostSubject: Radeon 9 Budget: 9100   Sun Jul 10, 2011 4:13 am

Not really a problem with Forums, but with my Graphic card drivers.

I believe this is the Graphic Card I use (Radeon 9 Budget: 9100).
(At my Device Manager (System) it only says the Graphic Card is: RADEON 9100 SERIES - and that's the only 9100 Graphic card I found).

Anyway, yesterday (as my Graphic card have been over-heating) I downloaded new Graphic-card drivers. Which they showed up weren't correct ones.
I un-installed those drivers and on Internet found correct, newest Graphic-card drivers.
They were correct, but however my computer wasn't able to find correct Graphic card... (I don't know why).

I then installed my Graphic card again, but computer haven't found drivers for my Graphic Card.

Now, every time I turn ON my computer, my desktop icons are big and I have to adjust the desktop size.
Also, when I try to play a video-game, it either won't run, or this is the message I get:

Critical error
Please enable Direct3D acceleration. You can do this by starting dxdiag and enabling Direct3D Acceleration in the Display1/2 tab after installing DirectX 8.1b (or later) and the latest drivers for your graphic card.

I believe, that first Graphic-card driver I downloaded, did some harm to my first Graphic-card driver I had on my computer (original driver).
I did restart my computer to the phase before I instaled new driver, but that didn't help.

Any possible solutions?

Thanks a lot!

^ Due to over-heating: I did add new ventilator on the housing of my Computer, but my Graphic card still runs at around 60C (140F) temperature (when I don't do anything) (temperature checked with the EVEREST Home Edition program).
It could be permanently damaged though.
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PostSubject: Re: Radeon 9 Budget: 9100   Sun Jul 10, 2011 5:22 am

I don't know much about computer maintenance/repair, but i know at work a bunch of computers were acting up. But after using an air hose to blow out the computer of dust it worked much better, but I assume if you've been in there that's not the problem.
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Radeon 9 Budget: 9100
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