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 Ice Stykeworms

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PostSubject: Ice Stykeworms   Tue Feb 22, 2011 7:09 pm

I have gotten several ice strkyeworm tasks since I got 93 slayer. These are level 210 strykeworms that are found in the "Tales of Musaph" caves.
You can get Ice Strykeworms for tasks from Kuradal and Duradel. These Strykeworms can only be killed for a slayer assignment. (as all other strykeworms)

Here is my equipment:(I strongly suggest using mage to kill these. Fire Spells work the best)
Slayer Helm (Can be substituted with Veracs Helm or Ahrim Hood)
Fury (Glory or Games, etc)
Dfs (Dragon Square works good too)
Whip if you're using melee. Any staff (Ancient, Fire, or Light Staffs are suggested) for mage
YOU MUST HAVE FIRE CAPE (fire cape provides +40 bonus damage to the strykeworms while its equiped)
Ahrim, Karil, or Veracs top and bottom
Dragon Boots and Barrows Gloves but if you want to train while you're slaying brawlers or Hati gloves
(Sorry I couldn't provide image. My screen shoot thingy wasn’t working atm) Sad

OK, now for the killing. It’s good to have a summon that speeds up your kill like a terrorbird or war tortiose. I also see people safespoting with pack yaks (They put pack yak between their character and the worm). If you're just dumb or stubborn and you melee you will find you get less kills per trip than magers. Fire surge or fire wave both work fine. If you spend hour killing these pains you make get rewarded with the rare drop a ice strykeworm drops. THE STAFF OF LIGHT!!! But before you get all excited about getting a staff of light, you may want a good inventory to help you. You will need 4 prayer potions in both your inventory but also your BoB/summon. Thats why I always go with war tortiose. You also will need 4 super restore and at least 2 more BoB/ summoning pouches. You should also have a few Extreme Mage pots. The rest of your inventory space and your summons inventory space must be filled with food!! Monkfish and shark work fine but I use rocktail as I got a ton from trying to get 99 fishing and 99 cooking. Now if this is your very first strykeworm task you may not know something. When you walk into the cave you will see mounds, you need to step on those mounds to expose the worm.
Dont be afraid to use piety. If you got 77 dungeneering to get Augury use it. But if you can’t use Augury then Mystic might is your best friend.

Now for Melee. As I said whip is one of the best weapons for killing strykeworms. If you lost yours or you don’t have one then dragon scimitars are your next pick. Overloads will be suggested but extreme attack, defence and strength work fine. Other than that the rest of the inventorys are the same. Praying should include turmoil and other prayers from the CURSE prayer book.

Happy Ice Strykeworm Killing!!!
(If any of you guys find the drop rate of the Staff of Light please tell me)
lol! Very Happy
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Ice Stykeworms
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