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 Slayer Nest Event Info!

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PostSubject: Slayer Nest Event Info!   Sat Jan 08, 2011 5:14 pm

Hi guys, this is the event log and information on our Events.  There's an event log, news, Boss Run no-brainers, and pictures of past events Smile Use it as you wish :)Enjoy cheers 

Can't make the event?  That's ok, we have events going on nearly every other day so you wont be missing too much Smile.  Can't make the event?  Check out the other events we have by clicking here.


+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-General Boss Run Information-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+
We will RESORT to crashing IF it's NECESSARY.  It sucks to be crashed, so put yourself in the other guys' shoes.  If we end up hopping around and finding absolutely no worlds for the boss, we'll likely end up crashing.

The general rule for that is if thethre are more an 5 players at the event, we will LootShare.  If there are 5 or less players at the event, we will CoinShare.  Corporeal Beast is an exception to this.  If we have more than 10 people at a Corporeal Beast event, we will LootShare.  If there are 10 or less players at the event, we will CoinShare.

+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-General Boss Run Etiquette-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+
Do NOT start fights with other people/crashers.  It starts a flame war, which only ends up with everyone around you being mad and one person hurt.

Do NOT retaliate to others flaming you.  You have an ignore list, utilize it.

BLESS other people's gravestones.  It doesn't matter if they're crashers or on your team.  Again, put yourself in their shoes.

Do your best to uphold JaGeX's rules.  I know tensions can run high when you're risking so much, but remember guys: It's still only a game Smile

We are NOT responsible for you're stuff disappearing on your grave.  If people follow the guidelines I've set out, you have about 45 minutes to get your ass back.  This should be plenty of time.

Our main goals on going on these Boss trips are: Have a good time and chill out.  Cash is nice, but not always needed Wink

+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-Wilderness Etiquette-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+-=-+
Alright, due to people asking for this, I've added this section on to give you all guidelines of what to do when we're in the Wilderness.


Next, Please don't kill your Clanmates.  It doesn't promote good bonding between clanmates.  If you do happen to kill someone on accident, it will be disregarded.  If you kill the person on purpose, you will be kicked from the SNE Chat, and if you organize a plan to kill nesties during an event, you will be kicked from the chat, and likely banned.  We take this as a serious offense and your reputation with the rest of your clanmates will have been ruined.

Alright, for you hosters out there who have no idea what to do, this is for you.

Basically, you should put a Topic up on these forums under the Event Section.  In this topic, it would be preferable that you add a poll in with your choice of possible Events.  Once done with the poll, you MUST post the time of the event and what day.  It's fairly simple, but easy to forget.  We ask that hosters please keep the times around 9-10 PM GMT, because attendance seems to fall if we stretch out later/go earlier than that.  Once you have done that, describe any polling option that seems different, and unusual.  This is just to make people better aware of what they're voting for.  Once you do that, hit send and look over it.  You need 3 main things in these posts: 1. Times for GMT converted into Pacific Daylight Time, Central Daylight Time, Eastern Daylight Time, and Australian Eastern Daylight Time; 2.  The correct Date! (pretty obvious); 3.  A poll is highly suggested, but not totally needed.

Here's what the Hoster's should post onto the RSOF previous to the Event, just copy & paste it and fill out the form:

In-Game Portion of Hosting

Alright nearly done.  On the day of the event, Hosters should give time updates (It's 8 PM GMT so you say: 1 hour until ______ event!, stuff like that).  We ask that you keep this updated 1.5 hours before the event.  Don't spam this please.  A good way to do this is to say it when it hits the 1.5 hour mark, then again at 1 hour until, then at 30 mins until, then at 15 mins until, and lastly at 5 mins until.  Pretty easy right?
During the event, try to keep people having fun during the event.  If someone is being disruptive and totally offensive, you should try to calm him down, if he doesn't proceed to kicking him from your cc, if he still doesn't proceed to kick him from the Nest.  Have a good time, make sure people have ways of transport to the place, and that's about it Smile Good luck, and have fun Hosters! cheers



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Slayer Nest Event Info!
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