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 Guthan's-Friendly Slayer Assignments

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PostSubject: Guthan's-Friendly Slayer Assignments   Wed Dec 15, 2010 10:05 pm

This post is a resurrection of a portion of one of the older Slayer Nest threads found on the RuneScape official forums. When I was new to the Slayer skill, I found posts like this came in quite handy, so I've decided to bring this particular bit of information back to life. The name of the thread says it all -- the following Slayer assignments can be completed using Guthan's set as a method of healing. You will find that many of these tasks can be accomplished with the Guthan's set exclusively, but swapping out other weapons and armour as necessary may help you to expedite the completion of your task.

Keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive. Currently, the list includes monsters assigned by Chaeldar, Sumona, Duradel/Lapalok and Kuradal. I have not included lower level slayer monsters but will try to add them when the opportunity presents itself. Also, please note that there are several assignments not listed below, namely the various Dragons, that can theoretically be killed while wearing the Guthan's set, but one must be under the effect of a Super Antifire potion or risk roasting.


Abyssal Demon‭ ‬– Players with a reasonable combat level can camp Abby demons perpetually with the set

Ankou‭ ‬–

Aquanite‭ ‬–

Black Demon‭ ‬–

Bloodveld‭ ‬– They attack with magic-based melee, so don't use Guthan's as your primary armour here

Cave Crawler‭ ‬–

Cave Horror‭ ‬–

Dagannoth‭ ‬– Guthan's can be used as the primary armour here, even when cannoning

Desert Strykewyrm‭ ‬–

Elves‭ ‬– I found Guthan's to work very well killing the Lletya Elves, both warriors and archers; extra food may be necessary

Fever Spider‭ ‬–

Fire Giant‭ ‬– Great assignment for Guthan's healing or as the primary melee equipment

Gargoyle‭ ‬– Another good option for healing, though the spear doesn't hit Gargs all that high to use as a primary weapon

Gorak‭ ‬–

Greater Demon‭ ‬– Good assignment for Guthan's healing

Hellhound‭ ‬– Good assignment for Guthan's

Ice Strykewyrm‭ –

Jungle Horror‭ ‬–

Jungle Strykewyrm‭ ‬–

Kalphite Workers ‬–

Kalphite Soldiers ‬– AFK'able as a task, and with enough healing, you shouldn't need antipoison (Thanks, Pepsi)

Lesser Demon‭ ‬– Great option for lesser demons, especially when combined with an abyssal whip for normal attack use

Living Rock Creatures‭ ‬–

Nechryael‭ ‬–

Scabarite‭ ‬– Not recommended; inventory spots are at a premium and some of the minions attack with magic

Shadow Warrior‭ ‬–

Spiritual Mages‭ ‬– Not recomended as you will likely be taking prossy armour to boost pray and protecting against mage

Spiritual Warriors‭ ‬–

Suqah‭ ‬–

Terror Dog‭ ‬– Decent option for healing, but extra food will likely be necessary due to their higher attack level

Trolls‭ ‬–

TzHaar‭ ‬–

Warped Terrorbird‭ ‬–

Warped Tortoise‭ ‬–

Waterfiend‭ ‬– Okay for healing at waterfiends; ensure spear is set to "crush" or you be healing much at all

Please feel free to make suggestions on other Slayer monsters (either those missing specific notes, or those monsters that you don't see listed here. Many thanks to the people who originally started this list.

Paper Chair

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PostSubject: Re: Guthan's-Friendly Slayer Assignments   Wed Dec 15, 2010 11:41 pm

you might want to add kalphites (soldiers) to the list. Yo can basically afk them as a task, I did this for awhile. you wont even need antipoisons.

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PostSubject: Re: Guthan's-Friendly Slayer Assignments   Thu Feb 10, 2011 3:32 pm

You should add steel drags too. i watch youtube videos when I kill them. Just pot up and youre fine
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PostSubject: Re: Guthan's-Friendly Slayer Assignments   

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Guthan's-Friendly Slayer Assignments
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