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 The question game!

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Infernal Mage

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PostSubject: The question game!   Sat Oct 30, 2010 9:08 am

Seeing as no one has made any new forum games for quite a while and we are always playing the same game I decided I shall try mix thingd up so I decided I shall make 3 new games I hope you all enjoy them Smile

Ok, so it's easy ask 5 questions then the person below answers then and ask 5 new questions have fun guys no inappropriate questions!

Q1.) Favourite Band?
Q2.) Favourite SN General?
Q3.) Do you play any instruments?
Q4.) Favourite month of the year?
Q5.) Which do you prefer Dogs or cats?
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PostSubject: Re: The question game!   Sat Oct 30, 2010 1:04 pm


q1 Sum 41
q2 Tangy elf
q3 no
q4 june
q5 dogs


q1 Favourite skill?
q2 Favourite quest?
q3 Favourite boss?
q4 Favourite minigame?
q5 Where do you live?


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PostSubject: Re: The question game!   Fri Jan 07, 2011 6:55 pm

Favorite Skill? A. Firemaking, cause burning stuff is about as close as Jagex lets you get to blowing it up.
Favorite Quest? A. Digsite Quest. Cause you find Nitroglycerin Very Happy
Favorite Boss? A. Does nomad count? If he does, then him cause he has tapped into the power of explosives. If not, then KBD, for his use of pyrotechnics.
Favorite Minigame? A. Trouble Brewing, Pyromaniacism rules that game.
Where Do You Live? A. As I live in a sparsely populated area of Ontario, I will be vague. Bruce, Grey, Huron, or Perth County in Ontario, basically around northern Lake Huron and Georgian Bay.

1. Which eyeball do you like better, left, right(, or one on back of your head if you're a mother)?
2. If making a sacrifice to the runescape gods to recieve any drop you wanted, which Slayer Nest captian would you sacrifice to which rs god for which item? (had to give gens a break)
3. What colour is your fingernail?
4. Why don't the Aviansies fly down and pluck eyeballs instead of going for full kills?
5. In the movie King Kong, why didn't king kong rib the sp[ike off the Empire State Building and use it to spear planes?
Bonus. In 2000-3000 word essay, why is this smiley face -> bounce <- bouncy while this one -> affraid <- is so terrified of it?
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PostSubject: Re: The question game!   Wed Feb 02, 2011 10:22 am


1. "Eye" prefer my right eyeball. I shot a rubber band into my left eyeball last week and it has been searing with pain ever since.
2. I would sacrifice Hopalong for a white phat drop. My luck, he would come back as a Revenant Hopalong and haunt me in my poh dungeon.
3. My fingernails are currently a hazy shade of winter.
4. They go for the kill because eyeballs alone taste like collared greens. I would know; I just ate my painful left one.
5. He was afraid he might poke himself in the eyeball.
Bonus: I'll get back to you on that one.


1. What is your favourite flavour of ice cream?
2. What is your favourite television show?
3. Two trains depart Boston at 12:00 pm. Both are traveling at a rate of 50 mph. What type of pizza did the conductor of each train eat for dinner the night before?
4. Define "recalcitrant" in no more than two words.
5. What was my bill for lunch yesterday?
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PostSubject: Re: The question game!   Wed Feb 02, 2011 11:38 pm

A1: Cookies and Cream hands down.

A2: Well it WAS Heroes until NBC canceled it, so I guess The Office now.

A3: To answer this, we need to make corresponding directional vectors for it, find the speed & magnitude of it, and subtract it by 3cos(The amount of times the conductor of the second train says the word "spiffy" or "superfluous"/the # of letters of the name of the first train). After this you will get the average # of slices that each had eaten the night previously. Now we then use a separate equation to find out what type it was, which is directly associated with the average # of slices of pizza each had eaten the night before. To do this, we need to find the Phosphoric Acid:Caffeine content ratio in all the Coca-Cola in the world. We multiply this number by the average # of slices that each had eaten the night before. Then we take this number and we imput them into a non GDC calculator, invert the calculator and read what the numbers spell out. The first train conductors pizza will be read from left to right, and the second will be read diagonally from bottom right to the upper left. Therefore we end up with Cheese, Oreo and Gumballs for the first, and Bar-B-Que Chicken with a hint of cremè fraiche and honeysuckle.

A4: recalcitrant - cockamamie insubordinants

A5: It did not cost more than 4.28 USD.
Q1: What is the main ingredient of Barq's Rootbeer and how does it interact with our cells?
Q2: Name all the types of cheeses. FAST. Now repeat them 5 times and use them ALL in a poem using iambic pantameter.
Q3: How many notecards do I have scattered across my room? (Seriously, I need to know this)
Q4: Why do my dogs bark at me every single time I get home from school, and then randomly at approximately at 9:30 pm for no apparent reason?
Q5: If Paper Chair has 5 books, 4 apples, and 7 water bottles, how many types of shoes does Shopgirl have?


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PostSubject: Re: The question game!   Sat May 14, 2011 9:16 am

A1: Dynamite, that gives the bubbles their funny feeling on your tongue. All the dynamite that doesn't get used up there soaks into your cells until a great enough buildup is achieved. Once the threshold is reached any burn you recieve will cause you to spontaneous combost.

A2: YUM,ICK. YUMICKYUMICKYUMICKYUMICKYUMICK (poem will be submitted later when i learn what iambic pantameter is).

A3. None, since you are unable to count them, you are unable to see them. Which means your room is extremely messy. By the time I have answered this question, they have decomposed and have now turned into soil, which has given sprout to grass, since there hasn't been enough time for trees to grow. So there are no notecards and your room has turned into a meadow with a rattlesnake that wants to eat you.

A4: Your dogs are protecting you from the rattle snake, why you still alive.

A5: I did heavy rearch on this, Paper says he/she makes 256 a week, or 12792 a year. Books are worthless in rs, so they are ignored. Cooking apples are 390 gp each. When water bottles appear in RS, they will be worth 25,000,003 a piece (average amount ppl willing to pay). Therefore paper has 175014373 gp total after one year. Shop mugs her. She then spends 14373 to fly to england and rob Jagex castle of her money and fly back to North AMerica, where she spends the remaining amount on shoes. Assuming an average cost of $150 a pair of shoes, she now has 1,166,666 pairs of shoes. I will further expand on this when i get a chance to talk to shop.

Q1: Why did Shop return to her evil roots and rob Paper?
Q2: Why did Hop allow his room to turn into a meadow with a rattlesnake?
Q3: How large of a pot will the generals need to cook the nest members when they finally get hungry?
Q4: When I am Emporer of the world and use you as a gladiator, what kind of animal do you want me to put you in a pit against, you will be given a rubber chicken a s a weapon.
Q5: What kind of beer are the gods of RS using while they watch us from above?
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PostSubject: Re: The question game!   

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The question game!
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